The Critic

Christie Colaprico is a 20-something who works in television and lives in Brooklyn. Her ideal Friday night is spent sitting at home in her pink zebra-striped onesie watching Love Actually with a glass of red wine. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle, not only because she’s brunette, but also because she reads and is, therefore, a smart princess. She is a firm believer that Carrie should’ve ended up with Aidan, and has been known to watch Titantic in rewind (after watching it the right way first) so everyone comes back to life. She takes pride in owning all three seasons of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica on DVD (RIP).

Although Christie is a proud alum of NYU’s Tisch film school, she is grateful to be able to talk in the open without getting the “hipster evil eye” about liking movies that aren’t either black & white, in a foreign language, or directed by Stanley Kubrick. In her first script writing class, the professor made her change a scene where an arguing couple made up and kissed in the rain. (Apparently that is the number one cliche you are not allowed to include in film school scripts.) Christie argued that sometimes rain is necessary. What would the ending of Breakfast at Tiffany’s be like if Holly ran after Fred/Paul in the sun? It’d be really NOT powerful, and you would kind of feel bad for the cat when Holly found him. In the rain, you’re just so relieved she finds him so he won’t catch a cold. But if it was sunny, you would want him to venture out and find a home with someone who might actually give him a name…

Christie ended up changing the script in order to get the “A”.

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twitter: @chickflikcritic


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