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There’s injustice in a world where The Notebook is only at a 52% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Film critics have forever been trashing the romcom. That’s because they’re a bunch of stinky old men who don’t realize not every movie has to be Oscar caliber. Some movies are just meant to make you feel good.

I’ve missed a ton of great chick flicks in theaters because they’re reviewed so poorly. Then, I’m home on a rainy Saturday night, catch one on TV and realize… that really made me happy. So what if 27 Dresses is completely predictable? That scene where Katherine Heigl and James Marsden drunkenly belt out “Bennie and the Jets” has forever made that my go-to karoake song. And who honestly cares about the awful acting in A Walk to Remember? Like, Landon takes Jamie to the state border so her dying dream of being in two places at once comes true. I mean, COME ON. Who needs good acting when there’s a romantic gesture like THAT?

And yes, some romcoms are REALLY awful (i.e. Dear John, The Bounty Hunter, Leap Year)… But that’s because they don’t fulfill the proper chick flick criteria: chemistry, comedy (even the most dramatic of romance movies need a little “com” for their “rom”), and cliched originality (definition: to take a cliched element in your romcom – like love giving you wings – and twisting it so its unique/special. Example: the “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” scene in The Notebook). It’s not because they didn’t meet film school criteria which they weren’t trying to achieve in the first place.

This is a site where romcoms will be reviewed for exactly what they’re meant to be.

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