The Chick Flick Critic Is Back!

Hello! So, I haven’t made a review on here since the colossal flop that was Rock of Ages. Mostly this was because in July 2012, I left the freelance world and started a full-time job at a television network which has been totally awesome, yet time consuming. (UGH, total cop-out I know!) But additionally, there was kind of a lull in the chick flick market. There were months and months where none would come out, and then one would and it’d be awful, even by MY standards. Every time I went to start a new review, I’d get uninspired and it’d just sit in my draft box (I promise one day I will publish these as they are because the sporadic train of ridiculous thought I wrote down for a post called “Tragic Mike” is something really special). With the exception of Pitch Perfect – which WAS perfect – I really can’t think of another chick flick that I truly LOVED from August 2012 to November 2013.

And then something beautiful happened. Something I have decided to dub “The Renaissance of The Chick Flick”. Within a span of a few weeks, Hollywood decided to bless us with a handful of seriously solid chick flicks (Her, Catching Fire, and Frozen to name a few)! Even the ones that weren’t perfect, were still enjoyable… like About Time. Anyway, I began to feel left out of my own party and made it a resolution to start this site back up. In addition to reviewing new films, I will also retroactively go back and review some that I missed in my break (like Pitch Perfect), as well as some older ones that are just classics. Because why not?

So stay tuned ladies! Missed ya!


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